What are the Benefits of Security Screens?

What are the Benefits of Security Screens?

Perth is a safe city when compared to most other similar sized cities around the world, but it’s certainly not impervious to theft. Over 40,000 homes in Western Australia were broken into in 2015, which has led to the state being dubbed the break-in capital of Australia. However, it’s easy to make your home extra secure if you buy a range of home security enhancements. Alarm systems, CCTV and extra durable locks should all be considered, but security screens often make all the difference. As long as you buy security screens for your doors and windows from a provider you can trust, you can feel more confident that you won’t become a victim of theft.

At District Screens, our owner has over 25 years of experience in the industry and knows how to make security screens that will send criminals looking elsewhere. Our diamond grille security doors and screens are almost impossible to break into, and they can be made to measure to fit any door no matter what size. Plus, we ensure our products will seamlessly integrate with your home so that it remains attractive and inviting. Keep reading below to find out the main benefits of security screens.

A Fantastic Way to Secure Your Home

Needless to say, security enhancements such as alarms and tough locks shouldn’t be overlooked, but security screens and doors will work wonders to make your home extra secure. Here’s why security screens are becoming an increasingly popular home addition:

  • A great deterrent — Needless to say, you want your home to deter criminals from attempting a break-in in the first place, and security screens will do just that. Criminals look for easy opportunities to minimise the risk of being caught, so if they can see your home is impenetrable, they’ll look elsewhere.
  • Your home will still look fantastic — Some people opt for burglar bars in order to protect their home, but burglar bars often look rather ugly and give people the impression you live in an area that faces a huge threat from crime.
  • Security screens are tough — If a criminal decides to target your home in spite of your security screens, they’ll have an extremely tough time getting inside. Our diamond grille security screens and doors are almost impossible to penetrate or pry, meaning a criminal’s effort to break into your home will be futile.
  • Attract property hunters — You’ll have a better chance of selling your home for a fair price if you can prove it’s extra secure.
  • Durable — Our security screens are fixed in place without the use of bolts and screws, meaning dissimilar metals won’t cause any corrosion.

A Provider You Can Trust

At District Screens, our sole mission is to help you make your home extra secure without ruining its aesthetic appeal, and we offer competitive prices for premium products you can trust. Contact us today to find out how our security screens can improve your home security.