District Screens have been providing the city of Mandurah flyscreens and security doors for decades. Our flyscreens are designed to look fantastic while providing a practical solution for keeping insects out of your home or business.

We provide Mandurah flyscreens that are perfect for allowing natural ventilation in, while keeping insects, leaves and other debris out. This is especially useful at night when insects are attracted to the artificial light inside your home or business.

Flyscreens can also assist in reducing your energy bills providing natural air flow reducing the need for costly artificial cooling. They are particularly useful when evaporative air conditioning is installed (which, unlike refrigerative air conditioning, performs best with the windows open).

High Quality Flyscreens in Mandurah

Apart from the obvious functional benefits, having flyscreens and security screens installed by Direct Screens is easy, convenient and cost effective. Our Mandurah flyscreens offer many other great benefits as well, such as:

  • Affordability
  • Convenience
  • Easy to remove to allow for cleaning
  • Cheap to repair
  • Great visibility (will not dramatically obstruct your view through the window or door)

Our flyscreens are available in a wide range of powder coated colours and anodised aluminium frames to match your existing window frames. All flyscreens also include the appropriate attachments and accessories to ensure a secure fit.

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