Homeowner Security Tips — Make Your Home a Safer Place

Homeowner Security Tips — Make Your Home a Safer Place

Everyone wants to reside in a home that’s safe and secure. While Perth is hardly crime-ridden with people living in fear, home security is still a big issue and many homeowners are concerned about their home security — and rightly so.

If you’re looking for an effective security solution, security doors and security screens are a top choice, but there are quite a few more things that you can do to improve your home security and make your home a safer place.

Don’t Make Your Home a Target

No one deliberately makes their home a target for thieves, but most of us unintentionally do things, or don’t do things, that make criminals target our homes. Here are a few things to be aware of:

  • No security screens or security doors — If your home isn’t protected by solid and reliable security doors and security screens on all ground floor doors and windows you can expect your home to be targeted by thieves, especially if all your neighbours have them installed.
  • Leaving tools and equipment in the yard — Whether the front yard or the backyard, it’s important not to leave tools and equipment lying around. It’s often the case that thieves use these items to gain access to the interior of the property.
  • Not trimming trees and plants — Are you aware that large, leafy trees and plants often provide criminals with the perfect amount of cover to break into your home undetected from the street? It’s a wonderful thing to have trees and plants in the yard at home, but make sure they’re not sheltering your access points (doors and windows) from sight.

If you’re now aware that you’ve been making these common home security mistakes it’s time to do something about it. The District Screens team is happy to advise you on these points when we visit your home and measure your doors and windows.

Upgrade Your Locks

New security doors and screens can make your home more secure, but you must take good care of your locks and upgrade them when required. This is very important and something that we can’t stress enough, as we often notice that clients’ homes are not as safe and secure as they should be because they haven’t upgraded their locks for quite some time.

New locks can be costly, depending on how many doors and windows you need to upgrade, however, it’s money well spent as new locks can make your home very difficult for thieves to gain entry to. You have many options where door and window locks are concerned, so ask about this aspect of home security when discussing your security requirements with one of our security doors and flyscreens specialists. We welcome the opportunity to help you better understand your security requirements.

Serving clients across Mandurah and Banbury with distinction, we look forward to helping you with all your security needs, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with the home security experts at District Screens to learn more about your home security options.