Invest in Quality Security Doors & Flyscreens

Invest in Quality Security Doors & Flyscreens

For peace of mind for in the home why not invest in quality security doors? As the name implies, security doors are designed to improve the security of exterior doors. When selecting a security door to increase your home’s security, look for the following:

  • Strong frame — security doors with a stainless steel frame will offer more protection from any unwanted intruders. They’ll also last much longer than inferior security doors manufactured from wood or those with plastic frames.
  • Stainless steel screen — the most common type of screen in screen doors is actually vinyl. However when it comes to the security door, a stronger material such as stainless steel provides much better protection.
  • Heavy-duty keypad locks — for maximum security and protection, make sure that the security screen or storm door has a heavy-duty keyed deadbolt.
  • Non-removable pin hinges — non-removable pin hinges will help combat any attempts to circumvent a security door.

There’s a selective range of security doors and flyscreens to choose from like diamond grille security doors and screens, and INVIS-GARD security doors and screens.

Adds Value

Top quality security doors can also be custom built in a wide range of colours to suit your exact requirements. Opt for federation cast panels that provide a more traditional look. Choosing security doors and flyscreens to match your property style and decor isn’t a problem especially with the availability of so many powder coated colours and anodised finishes.

There’s no doubt about it, custom made and designed security doors such as ALU-GARD security doors will add value to your home along with curb appeal. What’s more when you consider that generally half of a home’s electricity bill goes to heating and air conditioning, high quality security doors actually help to reduce those costs. Security doors will also protect your home’s exterior doors from the harsh elements and save you money by not having to replace or refinish them for years to come.

Fantastic Flyscreens

OK, you’re having problems with keeping insects out of your home or business, fantastic flyscreens provide a practical solution. They are ideal for allowing natural ventilation in while keeping insects, leaves and other unwanted debris out. As well as the obvious functional benefits, having flyscreens and security screens installed is easy, convenient and cost-effective. There are many other great benefits too:

  • Affordability
  • Easy to remove to allow for cleaning
  • Convenience
  • Cheap to repair

Good visibility, our flyscreens will not dramatically obstruct your view through the window or door.

All flyscreens also include the necessary attachments and accessories to ensure a secure fit. Find out more about residential door and window accessories which cover many of the major brand names in the industry. For security and flyscreens accessories choose from:

  • Fibreglass and aluminium insect screening
  • Hinged and sliding door locks
  • Screen closes

There are even practical pet doors designed specifically for insect and security screen doors, how about that?